Saturday, August 28, 2010

Limited Edition Collaboration by John Moniz & Aaron Cain

Each machine is hand carved, signed and numbered by Aaron Cain.
There are only ten of these unique beauties that showcase some of Aaron's most intricate carving!! Combined together with John's Fantastic tuning and setting!!

the above four pictures is my own personal machine, i used to use it daily in the first year , mine is #6 out of 10. since i know its so limited and the value of this machine is rocket high now! i decide to put it in my safe and only run it once a while LOL

If u notice , this is a SXS machine (Side By Side Coils) . and to my surprise its pushes ink flawlessly, and as good as it looks. Im thinking of getting more machine from John Moniz. His workmanship is top notch!!

You cant go wrong with these 2 builders combined!!

check out John's site -

and as for Aaron Cain is -


This is a DIY kit from Seth Ciferri, u can get it from , after u bought this , you may email seth for a password to - it is a help forum on machine building, and this aint an open forum, it is moderated and a close forum for members only! kudos to seth!!

This is a bloody awesome DIY kit, it comes complete with everything u need to assemble a machine, i ordered a cutback liner, and boy,, am i happy with this, so fast and punchy , with lots of stroke!! of course with my expertise on fixing it up too , if i shall say :)

Buy one, and enjoy it like it do, its my daily driver now in fact, along with my other aaron cain, soba, tim hendricks and so on..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dan Drigenberg " COFFIN " Cutback Liner

this is one of the best dan dringenberg liner, i use it like almost everyday when i was in canada working for mr BOB T.

inks goes in smooth as silk,.. or should i say magic marker!!!! visit

thank you.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


awesome handmade tattoo machine by steve turner, i owe 2 myself, and all i can say is 'SWEEEEEEEEEEET STUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUFF!!'
u can purchase at